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Outdoor Festival Look for the Plus Size Girl

With music festival season upon us I thought it would be nice to give the girls a few tips and tricks and to also share my look from the outdoor Ella Mai and Bazzi concert.

No matter the occasion  my go to attire is very chic, edgy and comfortable. I don't like restrictions but love to make a statement. For Ella Mai I made sure to cover all bases stated above.

Show off your assets.
There was a time I hated my legs. I hated being knock-kneed but lately I've been getting so many compliments on them that I began to embrace them. I mean I'm ready to show them off in any fit I wear. With that said think about the part or parts of your body you love most and highlight it! With mine being my legs I chose to go with biker shorts.

For any concert you want to be sure what ever you're wearing you're comfortable in because 9 times out of 10 there will be a lot of standing and walking. My black combat boots were my go to as they can be dressed up or down and they are closed to to prevent my toes from being smashed LOL.

Check the Weather.
No matter what the event is or where it is held I ALWAYS check the weather. I like to dress accordingly. Here in the Midwest our weather is so darn iffy I can't risk taking a chance of not having a coat, jacket, umbrella or snow boots. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. Just be sure to check the weather. Don't forget sunglasses and stop by your local dollar store and purchase a rain poncho.

Follow NO rules.
Don't be afraid to let your confidence bleed. Wear what makes you feel good and careless what other may think of you. Step out of the box whether it be a crop top, tube/halter top, booty shorts or something see-through make sure you make them stare and make a statement. Go for a pop of color in your clothes, make up or accessories just make sure you include something to make your entire ensemble stand out!

I almost forgot, wearing a fanny pack is a must! Nothing more comforting than knowing my money and ID were safe and secure from anyone standing too close that may have gotten an idea or two!

If you are headed to a concert or outdoor music festival and was stuck on what to wear as I was, hopefully my few tips and tricks were of help to you. Feel free to comment with additional tips and tricks you may have for me!

My Top (not online)- Here
Fannie Pack- Here
Link for the fanny pack is for similar item not exact

I Want Out Of This Box

"We don't know what we're made of, same things we're afraid of might improve us." -Lucky Daye

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to walk in my first fashion show hosted by Tyra Watson a local visual coordinator and wardrobe stylist here in Des Moines. This DWNTWN|DSM Style Show gave local brands and designers the opportunity to showcase their collections and designs in a unique way that was personal to them.

Now that we've covered the need to know lets get to the part I played in this show.

Because of the way I saw myself and my body make up I told myself I'd never walk a runway.  Listen, I'm not sure who I thought I was or where this boost of confidence shot from but I did it! I volun-told my good sis Nekia owner of Nik Star Boutique that I'd be walking for her not really understanding what I'd gotten myself into. It wasn't until my fitting for the piece I'd be wearing that it hit me! I was walking and getting out of this for any reason wasn't an option.

Deep down I knew this is what I needed to overcome this deep fear I had of how others saw me on and off a runway. I knew this was exactly what I needed to get out of this comfortable box I'd put myself in.

Fast forward to today and I'm still in shock! The love that was shown to me as I strutted my shit around that runway was beyond amazing! Let me not forget to add that I was the ONLY plus size model in the entire show! Sorry to toot my own horn but the crowd loved ya girl. The outpouring of love and feedback that I'm receiving really has me speechless.

When it comes to fashion I'm not 100% sure what it is I want to do but whatever it is I want to be sure that my confidence shines and it reaches other women in a positive way.

This won't be the last you see of me on a runway and that is a promise. Hope you all enjoyed this short rundown of my experience and please be sure to subscribe to my blog and follow me on my social medias!